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Education and Community Engagement specialists

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What we do


Our programmes are geared to getting the community to understand issues rather than just raising awareness of them. Understanding offers the recipient a real chance to choose how best to participate whereas awareness only gives the knowledge that something is there.


We design our approach to meet your needs and are able to employ a variety of methods to achieve the desired level of community engagement. These include large scale events such as festivals, exhibitions, roadshows using our own mobile exhibition unit or large screen AV suite, workshops and seminars.























The team at Claritie have also developed a unique community engagement model that may meet your needs, particularly if you plan to involve young people in your programme. It brings proven results, real community awareness and behavioural change outcomes. Our model is flexible enough to deal

with a multitude of subjects including heritage, wildlife, landscapes, energy, transport and health. It was developed over a three year period for use by Suffolk County Council and has been used widely eversince.


Any programme we develop is geared to offering the community the opportunity to discover issues for themselves – something that instils a real sense of ownership. In simple terms getting the community to inform other members of the community produces lasting and robust outcomes.


Visit our programmes page for more details or see our Films page for selection of short videos that illustrate our work.


Our staff have designed and delivered initiatives for many environmental and Local Government agencies

including those shown on the right. On a national level we have worked with the Department of Health

and the Department for Transport receiving Ministerial letters of congratulation from both for the work

we have undertaken.


The team have a long history of developing and delivering both commercial and educational programmes

on behalf of many of the country's leading retailers including Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Kelloggs.






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